Easy Bone Broth Recipe

In a stock pot (my favorite is this Lodge Cast Iron Stock Pot) add in water, the carcass of a chicken- or bones from chicken drummies or wings, and veggie scraps. Veggie scraps are a good addition because they add extra flavor and bring even more nutrients to the broth. Make sure water covers entiretyContinue reading “Easy Bone Broth Recipe”

What’s in YOUR fridge?

What’s in your fridge?? Here’s what’s in mine: Every time I go to the grocery store, I try to make sure my cart is a majority vegetables, fruits, meat and eggs.I minimize dairy, refined sugar, refined grains and alcohol and have been gluten free for about 5 years. I also do food prep and mealContinue reading “What’s in YOUR fridge?”

3 Hipster Food Swaps You Need to Know how to Make

(1) Spaghetti squash: – wash outside of squash and pat down with paper towel so it is not slippery -cut in half lengthwise (stem to end) -remove seeds -drizzle with olive oil and ensure entire squash surface is covered -place face down on a parchment-lined pan -Bake 45 minutes to an hour at 400 degreesContinue reading “3 Hipster Food Swaps You Need to Know how to Make”

Pasta salad

An easy, healthy weekday side dish. This pasta salad is packed with veggies and pairs well with a sandwich and a pickle or a chicken breast and is meant to be served cold. 1 c diced carrots1 c diced celery1 c halved cherry tomatoes1 c broccoli1 c cucumbers, quartered1/2 box of cooked pasta, drained andContinue reading “Pasta salad”

Crunchy ChickPeas

I love food and cooking and I’ll be honest, there isn’t often that I find one of those healthier swaps that I think actually tastes better than the thing I’m swapping for. But then there’s these crunchy chick peas that are seriously better than potato chips 😍. To make these bad boys:Set the oven toContinue reading “Crunchy ChickPeas”

Sweet Potato Hash

I started out making this one as only a breakfast item but I quickly became pretty obsessed with it and it expanded and made its way into lunch and supper varieties. It’s got a sweet and spicy combo which hits the taste buds just right with not only eggs but different cuts of meat asContinue reading “Sweet Potato Hash”