Toxin Free Living

After several years of thinking about what I put IN my body, studies and documentaries on the hazardous chemicals in women’s beauty routines made me think more and more about what I put ON my body.

After a recent study came out that concluded regular use of household cleaners may be as toxic for our bodies as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, I knew a change had to be made there too.

These are my experiences and the products I’ve loved on my way to toxin-free living

Products we lovE


This brand has amazing skin care and makeup. All of their products are toxin free and they actually work to heal your face while you’re wearing it. There are no endocrine disruptors found hiding in their formulas and the packaging is all eco friendly. Another boast for this brand is that it was recently featured in FORBES magazine.


I love supporting other small businesses, and it’s no surprise I love this one. This woman creates soaps, face masks, and more and sells them through her Etsy page. She’s definitely worth a follow and has super affordable prices for natural ingredients- an easy start to any toxin-free wellness journey!


This soap is literally an 18-in-1 use soap. You can get it unscented if you have a sensitivity to smells or scented in a variety of blends. It comes by the gallon and is super cost effective. I use it in my dish washer, my washing machine, and to remove tough grease. Also comes in a recyclable jug.


When I learned how toxic candles are for us by releasing petrochemicals and even lead into the environment I was emotionally distraught. Then I bought a diffuser. Now I lean on young living and DoTerra as reputable oil brands to keep my apartment smelling fresh. I also utilize Young Living’s Lemon & Thieves cleaner to clean my floors and counters.

top 2 reasons to go clean

Better Health

By using less toxins and chemicals you will avoid damage to your lungs, endocrine system, and may even notice changes in things like headaches from decreasing the toxins in your environment.

Better Environment

All of the products come in environmentally conscious, easily recyclable packaging for a better tomorrow. When you use these products, toxins are not released into the air or washed into the water after.

Let’s embrace toxin-free living together.

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