Sweat In Style

This page is all about some amazing athletic wear that moves how you do. I’ve worn mine for anything from training for half marathons to movie marathons. I’ve taken it to aerial yoga, CrossFit, burn boot camp, and to lift. Like the products? Just click the link to shop https://www.myzyia.com/brookesactivewearessentials/shop/CATALOG.aspx

I would love nothing more than to help you find products that you love that will make you feel happy and confident whether you’re working out or hanging out. Want a chance to win half priced items and money towards product while hanging out with your friends? Hit up the “Contact” page. More info on that in the picture below.

Want a discount? Love all of the items and think you want to join my team? Send a message to the contact page! Did you know that the activewear business is one of the fastest growing in the world!? Wow! It’s a great opportunity for you, especially if you love health and wellness.

Check out some of our fun items below and click the link at the top of the page if you think you want to order! ZYIA is a size inclusive brand and has items from size 0 to size 22. Send me a message if you have questions on sizing.

So many great options from ZYIA- let me know… would you choose THIS or THAT
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