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The author of this blog is passionate about working with others on their health and wellness journeys and offers a few low-cost products to help you along your way. She is a huge proponent of nutrition, lifestyle modifications, toxin free living, and has her DC (Doctorate of Chiropractic)

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Welcome! We are a health community centered around empowerment. Our goal is to inspire you by giving you the tools to live a happy, healthy life.

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Finished earlier this year, this ebook includes a ton of healthy recipes and information on how to get started with meal prepping and what you can do to make the most out of your meals. Not sure you’re ready? Check out some of our FREE recipes posted under the “Healthy Eats” tab before you buy. Buy it here for less than the price of take out:

Easy Healthy Meal Prep EBook

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One on One Healthy Lifestyle Habit Coaching

These sessions are designed to teach you about the habits that you have and small tweaks you can do to have a healthier lifestyle. We dive into your nutrition, exercise, hydration, sleep, and stress management habits and empower and teach you so that you have the tools moving forward to make healthier decisions on your own. Please fill out the form below to apply.

Personalized Exercise Programs

These programs are based on your cycle or your body during and after menopause and include a very basic outline of eating for your cycle. These work out plans are based around having your hardest, heaviest work outs when you feel the most energetic, and having more rest days when you are likely to be more worn down according to scientific data and research on women’s health and hormones. Fill out the form below to apply.

“These recipes in the Ebook are great! I’m not always the best in the kitchen so I love that they are easy to follow and clean up. Plus they’re healthy! I’ve really been able to up my cooking game”


” I love that I was given the information to begin to make healthier choices on my own and that we modified my nutrition around things that I actually eat. Since starting the one on one coaching program, I have lost over 10 lbs”


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