I recently completed a 21 day Purification Program to get my body running in the best shape possible before my half marathon and to reset some of my bad health habits. This was not a fast and not a typical “cleanse.”

One question that is often asked is “If my liver and kidneys detoxify my body, why would I need to do a cleanse or purification program?”
I have SO much respect for this question.

Today, we are exposed to more chemicals than we ever have been historically. They are in everything from our cleaning products, to our skin care and make up, coffee, prescription medications, and even in pesticides and additives in our food. With so much exposure today, it’s kind of like a bathtub with a clogged drain that’s continuing to be filled with water. Your liver and kidneys are totally doing their job- but JUST like with a clogged drain, as more and more exposure accumulates, your body starts to have trouble getting rid of everything. Just like a bath tub that begins to overflow, your body starts to store extra toxins within the cells of your body. Over time, this leads to increased inflammation, changes in hormones, decreased mental clarity and energy, and increases in weight.

Why I love the program I just did, and continue to do it each year:

▪️Whole food supplements were utilized to assist my body in eliminating toxins

▪️ I was provided with a booklet on the knowledge and dietary guidelines to help me succeed

▪️ I got to work with a practitioner as I went along

▪️ This program sets you up for long term success by teaching you about healthy choices and healthy nutrition and focuses on slowly adding back in foods you had eliminated to see if they are irritating to your body

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