4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Sports Bra

When should I replace my sports bra??
How long should it last?

Signs you should replace your sports bra:
▪️It’s like a bounce house in there.
-If its bounce town while you are running and jumping, and your boobs are going to hurt afterward- it’s probably time for an upgrade!

▪️ The bra band slides around
-Raise your arms up over your head
-Feel a noticeable shift in the band when your arms are overhead vs by your side?
-That’s an indication your band has been stretched out and is no longer providing enough support

▪️ It’s dingy or the color is changing.
-Bras see a lottttt of sweat so the motto is if it starts getting permanently gross no matter how many times you wash it- it might be time for you to toss it!

▪️ Last, but not least… The Average lifespan for a sports bra is 9-12 months. I just invested in some new ones myself because 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ guilty. There are a few that I still have from high school (just trying to make 9-12 months last 9-12 years 🙈)

▪️NOT TO MENTION new activewear can motivate you to go to the gym or to yoga. The look good feel good saying definitely has some truth to it. I’m not sure when I’ll stop getting excited about new outfits but I hope it’s never.

Why I recommend ZYIA bras
✅built for physical activity and exercise
✅ look great on women of all sizes from xxs-xxl
✅ great colors and patterns
✅ built to last
✅ high quality material

Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me if you have sizing or fit questions or want to get half priced activewear💕: brookesactiveessentials@gmail.com

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