Goal Setting for Beginners

Growing up I was always someone who set high goals and high standards for myself. I love this time of year, because there’s something special and magical about starting fresh. If you’re wanting a fresh start or to crank out some new goals, there is no better time.

This year I hit most of the goals that I wanted to reach in life(yes at age 28), and I want to share my method of goal setting with you to try and help you attain the same success of reaching your goals.

(1) I create categories
Mine are: Family, Friends, Fun, Fitness, Faith, and Career

(2) I follow the “SMART” goals guideline for each category and create long term goals
Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Sensitive
Specific- what do you want to accomplish
Measurable- how do you know when you hit your goal
Achievable- make a goal that is realistic, but not overtly attainable
Relevant- How does this goal tie into your life? To your long term goals
Time Sensitive- Put a time on it

(3) Take those big goals and chunk them down. What steps need to be taken
Yearly, quarterly, weekly, and monthly

(4) What habits do I need to create order to reach these goals?

(5) How and where can I fit these habits into my daily life?

(6) I create a habit tracker to track my progress. Am I following through? Am I on track to hit the goals I set in the time frame I set?

As an example, let’s say you had an end goal of wanting to buy a house.
Specific: what type of house would you like to buy and where at? What city and what neighborhood? What layout? Get really specific in what you want. Envision it or put up pictures.
Measurable: How will you know when you have enough money and have reached your goal? Do you want a 20% down payment? What would you like for a monthly payment?
Achievable: Make sure that you’re trying to pick houses within your budget. What do you need to save each month?
Relevant: How does your smaller goal of creating a budget and narrowing down how much to save per month tie into your larger goal of buying a house?
Time Sensitive: Make sure you put a date that you want to accomplish your goals by down but be flexible, especially with lofty goals! For more difficult or harder goals I often put a date range of when I want to achieve them by.

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