Mason Jar Salads

Have you ever made mason jar salads? They make packing lunch a breeze and are perfect for busy professionals that are on the go all day- or busy moms!

These look adorable, sure, but they have a functional purpose too! When you load your jar with your wet products first (like dressing, tomatoes, corn, cheese, banana peppers, apple slices) then stack the lettuce or spinach on top you avoid the lettuce or spinach getting soggy.

Another great note- mason jars are made of glass which is a great non-toxic transporter. When you’re ready to eat you can take out a bowl or container and empty your mason jar into it- with the lettuce now on the bottom and the topping on the top!

Some of my go-to mason jar salads include:
Taco (pictured) where I use ground turkey, black beans, corn, onions, cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes, salsa, and lettuce.
Swiss apple salad: Chopped apples, Swiss cheese, pecans, poppy seed dressing, spinach
Italian salad: Tomatoes, Bell peppers, banana peppers, Italian dressing, parmesan cheese, and lettuce
Summer salad: Blueberries, strawberries, sliced almonds, dried cranberries, baked chicken, balsamic and spinach

What are your favorites?

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