COVID 19 and Comorbidity

We’ve had some sort of shock in our nation as new numbers came out that said only 6% of people died exclusively of COVID 19 per the CDC. This has caused an uproar, anger, and for people to question the validity of shutting down our country.

I’m not here to discuss any of that political stuff as I am not an expert on the political state of affairs in this country. I am not here to talk about masks as I am not an expert on disease spread and epidemiology. I am here to discuss what I am trained in. I want to look at this information from a different vantage point. This means that 94% of people in the United States who died had COVID and at least one comorbidity.

I’m here to shift the conversation, not because I don’t think that COVID is important, but because I think it is also important that we discuss the fact that we as a nation, have one of the highest rates of comorbidity in the world, and most of them are preventable diseases and are caused by lifestyle choices. What is a comorbidity? A comorbidity is a variable that causes increased stress to the body- in this case, it is a pre-existing disease. Some examples include diabetes, obesity, and some forms of heart disease.

I am not saying all people can prevent these issues, but I am saying most can. I am saying most people with cardiovascular disease, obesity, and type II diabetes could’ve made different choices and they wouldn’t have the same diseases, or as early an onset of diseases, or as severe of disease when they are old. I am saying we are a nation of adults with diseases of lifestyle and kids that are paying the price.

There are things you can do to naturally lower your risk of COMORBIDITIES, the things that often make COVID 19 fatal. Most notably maintaining a healthy diet, exercise, taking time to mitigate stress, finding proper supplementation, getting good sleep, and getting some sort of body work done whether that be chiropractic, massage therapy, or physical therapy. In our nation, we want a quick fix, we want to control our schedules, and we don’t want to do any work or remove any bad habits to get there.

Unfortunately, life just doesn’t work that way. There is no easy, convenient way to magically be healthy or we all would be. COVID likely isn’t going anywhere and even if it were, it is important to make your health a priority and to do the work that it takes to lower your risk of comorbidity.

**DISCLAIMER: I do know there are other confounding issues at times that can lead to the specific comorbidities mentioned above.

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