Easy Snacks for Healthy Eating

Questions I’m asked about often-what healthy snacks can I eat? I laid out several below and why they’re great options! Just as important as meals can be for meal prepping, are snacks. If you are a snacker, having nutritious preportioned snacks are going to be a bigger deal for you than for others-make sure you know what options will work best for you. Below, there are options that are dairy free, gluten free, nut free, and vegan- these are easy snack options that work with your dietary preferences. While not every recipe below will work with your particular allergy – it is easy to find ones that will.

(1) Trail mix. You can customize it to your liking, add some chocolate without sabotaging your nutrition, and get plenty of nutrients with nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. Nuts and seeds have good fats, magnesium, and zinc- nutrients a lot of people are deficient in.

(2) Greek Yogurt with berries- Make sure you get full fat Greek yogurt- Greek yogurt has a naturally good blend of fat and is higher in protein PLUS it has those probiotics we talked about in my recent post. I measure out half a cup or less. The berries are the best choce for a fruit option for yogurt because they are lower simple carb fruits. If you can’t handle unsweetened yogurt, lightly drizzle honey.

(3) Protein balls- these will satisfy your sweet tooth and have a good blend of proteins, fats, and carbs. They have oats, dried fruit, peanut butter, and honey! Pro tip- keep them in the fridge until you roll them into a ball and preportion them!

(4) Rice cakes + peanut butter + sliced banana & blueberries with a sprinkle of cinnamon- rice cakes are higher carb and again, look for peanut butter without added sugar, but this combo creates a good blend of protein, fat, and carbs

(5) Apples or celery and peanut butter- Good lower calorie, high nutrition option when you’re on the go. Look for peanut butter without added sugar or a natural peanut butter option. Note- natural peanut butter separates, be prepared to stir.

(6) A fresh smoothie-consider making “snack” smoothies using fruit and water only. Add in flax and protien for “Meal” smoothies.

(7) One of my fave snacks of all time is 2 clementines.

(8) Half a banana and a tablespoon of walnuts or almonds- a full banana on days where I run!

(1) Roasted chick peas- Good source of plant protein and fiber. Filling while being not too high in calories. Add spices for different health benefits!

(2) Veggies + Hummus. Veggies are good for getting nutrients and lower calorie. Hummus is a good way to help absorb these nutrients as it has a good fat and protein blend.

(3) Turkey + Cheese roll ups- Use sliced deli meat and some string cheese for a no carb, high protein snack- try and limit how much of these you eat as these are a higher caloric density

(4) 2 hard boiled eggs w/ spicy seasoning, 1 tbsp pistachios and 3 cubes of cheese- these are a good blend of protein and fat. This is portioned for my body and activity level- what works for me may not work for you.

(5) Half an avocado with lemon juice or Garlic pepper seasoning or everything bagel seasoning.

(6) Crisp bread with goat cheese, chives, and cherry tomatoes

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