Easy Bone Broth Recipe

In a stock pot (my favorite is this Lodge Cast Iron Stock Pot) add in water, the carcass of a chicken- or bones from chicken drummies or wings, and veggie scraps. Veggie scraps are a good addition because they add extra flavor and bring even more nutrients to the broth. Make sure water covers entirety of all scraps and then some. Allow to come to a boil then let simmer for several hours. Monitor water level and stir every half hour or so, but it does not require much maintenance on the stovetop.
If you are vegetarian or vegan, just don’t add in the chicken portion and use the veggie scraps.
Strain and enjoy.

What should I include in my veggie scraps?
I usually include onion of some sort and usually multiple onion scraps from white, red, and green onions as these all produce a lot of flavor
I also typically add in 2 or more cloves of garlic and sometimes include ginger root
Carrots & Celery also make great veggie scraps to include for a broth
I keep my veggie scraps from the week in a plastic baggie and just dump them in along with the bones from the week.

But is homemade broth really worth the hassle?
My answer is an emphatic yes!! You get much better flavor in homemade broth versus broth bought at the store. I have compared the two side by side previously, and the color difference between store bought broth and homemade broth is astounding. The broth bought at the store is typically extremely watered down and does not provide nearly the nutrients home made broth has!

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