The Amazing Benefits of Lemon Water

I think we all know that there are days where drinking enough water can be tough, especially if you aren’t already in the habit of getting enough water. If you need help with your water recommendations per day, find our “How Much Water Should I be Drinking?” post.

Adding fruit can help make drinking water a fun and palatable experience, not to mention, some fruits can add even more health benefits to that cup of water. Today, we’re going to specifically talk about lemon. A lemon can help make your drinking water more enticing without adding sugar or artificial sweeteners into the mix!

Including lemon in your water has huge benefits to your total body wellness. Check out the list below:
Vitamin C, which is high in concentration in lemon juice, works to serve your body as an antioxidant, can aid in weight-loss, and also improves skin health
Lemon juice supports your liver’s natural ability to detoxify
Adding lemon juice to water can help the process of digestion- digestive benefits are noted even more when you warm the water
Lemon contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
Citrus juice can help your body make hormones

Now go ahead and take a sip!

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