Deck of Cards Workout

Shout out to my friend Patrick for reminding me of this classic. This workout is always harder than you think it’s going to be, especially if you choose more challenging exercises(hello plank push ups, my old friend). This is a free work out that is easy to do at home with little to no equipment required- except a deck of cards.

RULES: Start with a well shuffled deck of cards. Choose 4 exercises to do for your work out and assign an exercise for each suit. For example, every time you turn up a heart, you do squats but every time you turn up a spade, you do push ups. More examples of exercises broken down by area of the body are given below.

After you assign an exercise to do to each suit, it’s down to the luck of the cards. I play that each card is a number with aces being one and each face card having additional value, so the repetitions range from 1-13. You can reuse the number 10 for each face card. Draw one card from the deck and do the exercise you assigned to whatever suit you turned up. The number you draw is the numbers of repetitions you do.

Lower body– Squats, lunges, mountain climbers, glute bridges, dead lifts
Upper body– push ups, tricep dips, bent row, chest press
Cardio- Depending on the activity, I do cards in multiples of 10 seconds (2 = 20 seconds, 3 = 30, etc)- High knees(seconds), butt kicks(seconds), jumping jacks, burpees
Core- Planks (seconds), Side Plank Dips, Plank push ups, lateral bends, pelvic tilts, wood choppers
Whole body- squats, jumping jacks, plank push ups, tricep dips
**add weight where appropriate

The first time or two that you do this you may want to set a timer, depending on your endurance level. These work outs end up being high repetition and can be time consuming.

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