6 Stress Reducers to use during COVID and Beyond

We all have a little extra stress right now, whether that’s not being able to see family and friends because of COVID, financial stress and struggle, losing loved ones, missing out or postponing life events or even just missing being able to go on a date to your favorite restaurant, this post is meant to show you meaningful ways to calm your mind and heart.

Meditation: use to uncover thoughts & feelings and let them go. Helps to accept our reality and feel connected to our purpose. I’ve used headspace as an app for guided meditation in the past.

Bruegger’s relief stretch: if you find yourself in defense posture, take some time to do this deep stretch.
What is defense posture? Clenching the jaw, rounding the shoulders forward like you’re getting ready to fight someone or protect yourself from a fight with someone. In extreme cases it can be similar to the fetal position. If you don’t know how to do the stretch, check it out on our youtube channel here.

Yoga: because of history with connecting the body and breath and it’s recognition for deep stretches and movements, a yoga flow may be the perfect thing you need. Check out our sweet friends over at yoga & co on youtube! Lindsay does a great job of challenging yet soothing flows and she’s offering so many fun virtual challenges right now.

Journal:  writing down our thoughts and feelings leaves them with a greater chance of being resolved. Journaling can also help you to uncover feelings you did not realize you were having and help you to process and deal with those emotions.

Affirmation:  write down some positive energy for when you are feeling frustrated and repeat it to yourself. It does not have to be anything super spiritual it can be as simple as “today is a great day!” and saying it before the day starts.

Try out a guided breathing exercise:
Set an alarm on your phone and try out one of these guided breathing exercises to calm your body and mind.
1) Box belly breathing – breathing through your nose, 4 counts in, hold for 4, 4 counts out hold for 4.
2) 4 counts in through nose, hold for 7, exhale for 8 with mouth shaped as if around a straw.
3) Long inhale and long exhale for equal counts through the nose

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