Pan-Seared Bacon Brussel Sprouts

I’m a sucker for a good vegetable side dish. Brussel sprouts are a great choice because they’re low in calories but high in many nutrients including fiber, vitamin K and vitamin C. Brussel sprouts also take on the flavor of whatever you cook them with making them the ideal veggie choice for this dish’s flavor combination.

Step 1 – cook bacon in your pan just before you begin cooking the sprouts. Remove the bacon itself, but use the grease from the bacon as a base. This makes a salty component for the sprouts.
3 full pieces of bacon should provide more than enough grease for your sprouts.
Step 2- Chop up 4.5 cups of Brussel sprouts and add to the pan
Step 3- Add 1/2 cup of balsamic vinegar to the pan (I use pomegranate flavored balsamic with my bacon Brussels)
Step 4- Add seasonings of your choice- my go-to is a Garlic Pepper Steak seasoning
Sautee over medium heat until the Brussels reach your desired doneness (I usually do about 10 minutes)

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