Healthy Latte Swap

If you’re like me and absolutely obsessed with lattes, this blog post is for you. Introducing the BEST sub for a latte ever. You can trust me- my friends regularly give me coffee mugs and I may or may not have a tshirt that recognizes that I’m a highly caffeinated individual.

Why this swap deserves a look: blueberry lavender is an amazing flavor and I dig that it’s dairy free. The whole food vanilla protein adds another sweetness element. I love adding a blended mix to my coffee in the morning.

You’ll need: your favorite cup of fresh brewed coffee, a splash of Trader Joe’s blueberry lavender almond milk, and half a scoop of vanilla protein (I use Standard Process)

Pro tip: blend the almond milk and protein in a blender bottle prior to adding to warm liquid… unless you have a frother. In which case, always use your frother.

I like this for 3 reasons.

1) I genuinely think that it’s better than store bought coffee. I use Trader Joe’s dark roast as a base and add the other stuff to taste. Delightful.

2) It’s way healthier than a store bought coffee. I was thinking the other day about how fancy coffee is almost worse than soda. We’re caffeinating ourselves and we’re adding several pumps of sugar and artificial sweeteners to our bodies.

3) It’s much more cost effective. If you had one of these each time you had a latte craving, it would equate out to about $0.75 with all the ingredients combined. If you had a latte, depending on the size and company, it can get up to $5.00 or more.

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