3 Common Stressors that may be hurting you more than you think.

One of the most common questions I get as a chiropractor is “what did I do to mess myself up in between visits?” or even “I didn’t DO anything, why do I feel so terrible?” There are three huge stress categories that people face in today’s society that may be attributed to how you are feeling. If we think back, these stressors have always been problems for people- but in today’s world, they have increased more than ever before.

Physical Stress

Trauma to the body– this includes slips and falls, sports injuries, car accidents, and may even include the birth process for some.
Repetitive strain– Backpacks, heavy purses, repeated bending lifting and twisting at work
Bad postural habits– long car rides, texting, gaming, Netflix marathons, improper ergonomic set ups at work and slouching play major roles here
Weak or imbalanced spinal muscles

Chemical Stress

Poor dietary and nutrition practices– Selecting foods that are pro-inflammatory (like fried foods or foods with a lot of refined carbohydrates) may be hurting you more than you think.
Refined carbohydrates are things like white breads, white pasta, and white rice
Drug and alcohol use and abuse– Even medications that are prescribed take an extra effort by the body before they can be cleared out.
Chemical toxins– These may be present in the food we eat, air we breathe, and water we drink. They are present in many brands of make up, household cleaners, perfumes, and scented candles. While we may do our best, completely avoiding pollutants is just not possible. Check out the toxin-free living page of this website for more information on household cleaners, beauty products, and more that will help lessen this chemical load.

Emotional Stress

Having high levels of stress– This is common in today’s society with burn out being at an all time high. Employers have constant access to you and expectations are extremely high- otherwise it’s likely you’ll be replaced in today’s highly competitive workforce… not to mention when you have kids, family, and friends all counting on you. It can be daunting!
Having inadequate stress coping techniques– Being able to cope with the stress you are under is huuuuge. Start a journal, have a friend you can vent to, join a gym, take a long bath, take a brain break. All of these can help your emotional and overall health and well-being.

Long term stress

Long term stress can effect your immune system and puts in place changes in the body that allow it to be more susceptible to injury and illness. Stress management for emotional stress is an important concept, but so is having a plan to manage the chemical and physical stress you are undergoing.

Some great, cost effective ways to reduce physical stress includes getting things like chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, or physical and occupational therapy. These are great ways to prevent long term injuries and reduce chronic stress on the musculoskeletal system.

If you need a plan for nutrition or want to lessen your chemical load, I would love to be of assistance to you! I have tons of recipes and information on meal planning available on this website if you click around. I also offer an affordable recipe book to get you started with healthy living. Click on the toxin free living page to learn more about the chemical stressors you may be putting on your skin or utilizing in your home.

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