The Importance of Your Grocery List

When it comes to meal prepping, you’re only as good as your grocery grab

While this may seem obvious, most have no idea where to even start with the grocery grab so today I’m going to discuss a little bit about some basics of nutrition that I personally follow when purchasing groceries.

So what’s a typical grocery grab look like?
I try and grab mostly produce, complex carbohydrates, and good sources of protein.
Featured in the picture is a typical cart for me, as a single person

A grocery grab like this typically costs me between $20-40. This grocery grab will sustain me for at least 5 days.

My tendencies are to grab:
Avocados, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs, bananas, chicken, berries, spinach, oranges, ground turkey or lean ground beef, hummus, sale veggies, and fresh juices.

I can make:
Smoothies, Zoodles, Taco salad, Greek salad, Hard boiled eggs, Scrambled eggs with veggies, my two-ingredient pancakes, avocado “egg in a hole”, and various stir fries.

But I also have other fruits and veggies available as options!

Vegetables tend to make up the base of my meal. Depending on the day, I do a half cup of complex carb- usually brown rice or quinoa but that’s just a personal preference. I also have good fats available with avocados. On this particular grab, I did not have any but I also eat a lot of seeds and nuts.

While most of what I do is technically considered more “food prep,” I do tend to do a good combination of both. Realistically, a combo is what’s best for most people. Food prep is prepping food for the week rather than entire meals while meal prep is a process of cooking a whole meal.

My personal premise on why to even food prep is if I have already prepared it- I’m more likely to eat it. So after a grocery run I portion my fruits and veggies into containers and pre-cut them to be ready for the week. This prevents me from thinking that something else will be more convenient after I work a 12 hour shift(like stopping at Chipotle, because it is my weakness).

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