Meal Prep for Beginners

Here’s 4 pieces of advice for meal prep beginners!

1) Grab high quality containers. Glass are best. These types of containers keep the food good for longer and don’t release any chemicals into your food when you reheat it! These are the glass containers I recommend

2) Schedule time for prep. Make it part of your weekly routine. That said: make meals simple. Very few people have time to spend an entire day meal prepping, no matter how fun it can be!

3) Create balanced meals. The most ideal thing to do is have a complex carb source, a lean protein, and a good fat. This will ensure you have energy for a longer period of time and will keep you full for longer. More on this later.

4) Find what you like and build a menu. Create multiple options so you aren’t always doing the same thing. Since you like the option, you’ll actually want to eat it. Try and plan meals that use the same ingredients in multiple dishes the same week to save on food waste and so you can buy in bulk.

Don’t know where to start with recipes? I have some simple recipes listed under the “Healthy Eats” tab and in previous blog posts. If you love the recipes available online, I offer an affordable $8.00 Beginner’s Book to Meal Prep with a variety of recipes. Need more accountability? Check out my coaching program.

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