The Best Way to Achieve a Better Mental State

Y’all. It’s a Wednesday and I’m blessed to have the day off. Today I want to pose a question. On your days off, what do you do for you? Same question: what do you do for you on a daily basis? These days, self care is a buzz word and there’s so many perspectives that it can be confusing and exhausting. Here’s my take: do something for you. Also my take: this looks different for everybody. Self care CAN be bubble baths, it CAN be face masks, it CAN be shopping but what about when that doesn’t work? What about when you’ve been spinning your wheels with this type of self care and still feel exhausted?

I want to invite you to take stock of the things that stress you out on a daily basis and make an effort to take some pressure off of those things on your days off. Some of the greatest things I do on my days off are things that are going to help me the rest of the week. Things like meal prepping and cleaning tasks such as laundry and dishes may not sound like self care but during the week those are the things that stress me out the most. Meal prepping relieves stress for me- I don’t have to cook after a long day and it eliminates my choice of grabbing junk food which will only perpetuate and make me feel more like crap. Cleaning relieves stress – to me nothing is better than having a clean house. Having my laundry and dishes done are an added bonus. You can alleviate a ton of stress for yourself by looking at your life and completing a couple of tasks to minimize your weekly stress.

But what if you’re too burnt out to even do these tasks? I read an article recently that talked about how it’s so difficult to be a single person working a full time job in order to pay all of your bills- and still keep up with housework, friends, family and financial obligations. We don’t have as much time to get our tasks done at home let alone as much time to spend on ourselves.

The thing is our bodies aren’t meant to go one hundred miles an hour all the time. Stress is at an all time high in today’s society- we’re surrounded by work and take it home with us on our phones or laptops or tablets. The phenomenon known as “burn out” is at an all time high. I recently dated someone who felt as though he needed to respond to work emails on Sunday just to say that he’d respond on Monday.. Why? Take some time to yourself. Guess what? Your stresses are STILL going to be there. You’re still going to have those emails. You will still have the dishes. You will still have the laundry.

Far over looked on our days off is the importance of this factor: REST.

So on my days off, the first thing I do in the morning after I let my dog out is I brew a cup of coffee, I sit, and I listen to a podcast, an audio book or my favorite church service- something that serves me positively. This little factor and rest time that I give myself has done wonders for my mental space and by the way only takes about 30 minutes. After I finish this, I think on what I need to accomplish. I create a plan for the day and the week and I write it down. I allow myself some grace in when I get the items on my to do list done. Allowing myself this time has helped my mental space significantly. How I rest may not be how you rest, and that’s okay- but make sure you take some time for yourself.

Self care CAN be bubble baths, it CAN be face masks, it CAN be shopping – but it doesn’t have to be.

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