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After living a life with no energy where I literally had to take a nap between showering and drying my hair, where I was sick every single weekend and had no freedom to do the things I wanted to do- at age 22- I decided enough was enough. I started down this road to health and wellness and never looked back. I’ve lost weight, improved my energy, and improved my mood. The more I learn, the more I realize I have more to learn and the more passionate it makes me about teaching and helping others achieve not only better health, but their full potential.

Featured information for my blog includes healthy recipes, exercise advice, the best active wear, self care tips, natural skin care and make up options, natural household cleaning options, and information on ways to improve your health at work. Other less frequently featured topics include self development, relationships, and financial health.

Created for those with health & wellness in mind

The author of this blog is passionate about helping others live a happy and healthy life. She is a doctor of chiropractic and focuses on a natural approach to health and wellness including exercise, nutrition, and easy to implement lifestyle changes. Most of all she focuses on education and empowerment so you can make the best choices for your health. To see the services she provides, please click on the “goods & services” tab. For a consultation, please see contact information below or submit a form on the “goods & services” tab.

Luxurious, Healthy & Environmentally Conscious Living.

We don’t make you pick. We provide you with delicious recipes, fun work outs and exercise plans, beautiful skin care and make up options, and household cleaners that are both nontoxic and high quality.

About the Author

Dr. Brooke has achieved success due to her commitment to leading a lifestyle of example and by following her passions of health, wellness, and leadership.

Her hobbies include running, biking, hiking, yoga, indoor climbing, paddle boarding, kayaking, cooking, reading, and writing.

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